The mission of Explorer At Large is to create generations of curious and courageous explorers.


Explorer At Large's vision is to provide content and resources that empower people of all ages to successfully address global challenges, individually and through community.


We believe explorers* make some of the best role models for students, as they demonstrate in real life how certain virtues and values can contribute to one's success. These include: curiosity, courage, playfulness, wonder, discipline, persistence, logic, discernment, creativity, flexibility, an adventurous spirit, humor, compassion, humility, authenticity, integrity, trust, and respect. These virtues and values are a critical part of an explorer's mindset and a guiding force in what we aspire to foster at Explorer At Large. Equally important is an explorer's skillset of critical thinking, questioning, testing, and analyzing. This is what helps determine if an expedition (or an experiment) was successful. We believe both the explorer's mindset and the explorer's skillset must be modeled and taught to students within our education systems (formal and informal) if we are to successfully prepare students for the challenges ahead and help improve our world.

*Explorer At Large considers all scientists, technicians, engineers, artists, mathematicians, and other STEAM experts to be explorers, seeking answers to questions that can benefit humanity.

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